Tokina Opera 50mm f/1.4

On 12th October 2018, Tokina announced a worldwide sales date for their new F1.4 50mm Full Frame lens that is compatible with Canon EF and Nikon F mounts. I’ve now had the lens since March 2019 and tested the lens through various applications. Out of the box, you will find the lens its self, rear … Continue reading Tokina Opera 50mm f/1.4

Getting there, with Merrell.

Mount Amos, Freycinet National Park Tasmania The plan was to shoot a sunrise from the summit of Mt Amos, but the reality was I had to climb it in the dead of night. After chatting with some well-seasoned Tasmanian bushwalkers I was a bit reluctant to take this on. However a very good friend of … Continue reading Getting there, with Merrell.

Photographing The Eternal City, Rome

I recently experienced all that Rome has to offer, be it that I was only there for 5 nights I crammed in so many locations, so much history and culture but most importantly I crammed in so much Carbonara and Galati When I arrived in Rome I was greeted with one of the most breathtaking … Continue reading Photographing The Eternal City, Rome

Six Photography Tools You Need!

Is there anything more important than the camera its self for photography? Sure the shutter remote, lenses, filters and every other piece of equipment in the camera bag are crucial parts for taking an image. But what about prior preparation? We know what they say about prior preparation and what it prevents! There are times … Continue reading Six Photography Tools You Need!

A Guide to Star Trail Photography.

I’m passionate about shooting the Milky Way Core, but it isn’t something you can shoot all year round. The Milky Way is only visible between February and October here in the Southern Hemisphere. My go-to alternate option during the summer months is Star Trail Photography. It’s taken me multiple attempts to get this correct and … Continue reading A Guide to Star Trail Photography.

A RAW Comparison of CPL Filters and ND Filters

Today, I've got a comparison of shots here from Lake Meadowbank, Tasmania. The Lake is located 82 Km's from Hobart. The Lake is a very popular spot for Anglers and water sports enthusiasts. The Base Image. Below is my base RAW image, unedited straight from camera shot with a Nikon D750 and a 35mm f1.8 … Continue reading A RAW Comparison of CPL Filters and ND Filters

A Beginners Guide to Long Exposure Photography.

So, you’ve seen pictures of the silky smooth waters and the dreamy skies and you’ve made the decision to try and achieve this style for yourself. It’s time to plan! Before you decide to fly out the front door, some prior preparation is going to be required. What is it that you’re going to shoot? … Continue reading A Beginners Guide to Long Exposure Photography.